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"Thunder," a baby Storm God. This is 1 of 5 "Gods in Training"  I’m doing for YUNGGOD™, my clothing line coming to Atlanta in January.  
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Music + Art + Style + Play = YUNGGOD 

The Weekend.

Young God “Paps” stands at a three-way intersection with his longboard in this panoramic of the intersection, taken on a late night run thru the neighborhood on the boards. The pic is dark as fuck so look closely and you’ll see Paps rocking the Samuel L. Jackson look on his face from “A Time to Kill.” Pic courtesy of Young God Jason. 

[arts recap] this week YG dropped in at Paper Frank’s “Pink Lemonade.” The scene was thick with Young Gods and we were glad to support Black artistry!

Yunggod is an arts collective made up of Creators across multiple mediums: music, visual arts, photography, film & style. Started at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia, with a very small contingency of its artists, we are a completely self-sustained, self-contained cult of Creators. Grounded in the philosophy that we are all manifestations of the universe itself, but in human form, as Creators we are wielders not just of paints and drums, but the universal itself… And just as the drive and ability to create is ingrained in the most basic seed of the universe, we are both sculpted from, and sculptors of the clay of the cosmos. For this reason we are Gods in training, at play.

#MarianMereba #MicahFreeman #jimiCravity, performing at #Emory for #SoulFull

#SoulFull, a #YUNGGOD event at #Emory that we did with #BlackStarMagazine. On stage is #MarianMereba. Photo album here